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Anonymous asked: No idea you were from Bretagne! Half French, typing things out in my non-native second language is too tiresome but my family lives in Redon near Rennes. Howdy :) - @ldelalan on twitter

Hi! :D I know Redon! Well, I know about it, I never really left the Finistère XD You don’t speak French at all?

To the drivers

First, stopping to let someone cross the street is very nice of you, but you’re supposed to stop before the zebra crossing, not on it, especially when someone is crossing.

Second, you’re using the indicators? Awesome! But you’re supposed to use them before you’re turning, not once you already began to turn. And if someone is crossing the street because they can’t guess you decided to turn, don’t call them assholes, that’s freaking rude! 

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Caught up with the last 2 episodes of TBBT. Amy Farrah Fowler made me spit my food twice, that makes her earn place 2 on my favourite TBBT characters’ list.

Anonymous asked: I haven't seen the last himym yet, but can you elaborate on what happened that made you so upset? i'm very interested and you always have very strong, and in depth opinions


I made a few posts about that, you can find them all under the tag himym on my blog.

  • Barney

They destroyed his character. Yes he was a funny one to begin with but that wasn’t all of him, we saw him being an orphan who needed a dad, we saw him growing up and falling for a woman and putting behind him his style of life to become a man, someone who could marry someone and put her first. We saw him turning into this grown up man, someone who had changed and gotten better. Capable to do incredible romantic actions for the one he loved, the Robin is probably one of the most amazing episode I recall, it was crazy and perfect, it was such a huge step for Barney, him burning the playbook was a proof of his maturity. I was pissed when they said he hadn’t burnt it because it was taking a step back when the first scene was so amazing for his character. Their divorce is a slap, because we spent a full season with them, with him being the perfect fiancé who would do everything for her, but no, they just made fun of them, of us, by having their getting divorced in 5 minutes and having them fucking in a motel room as if it were just who they were, another one night stand that lasted too much. They ruined Barney because he went back to the person he was at the beginning, someone worse than before who lost a huge part of his life running after girls and bimbos, again, the perfect week/month, with him banging a girl once per day is not funny, it’s disgusting, it’s horrible. It doesn’t make any sense. He asked his friends to accept him for who he is but NO, this isn’t who he is, it’s not all of him, and it’s horrible that they gave this shitty excuse for his cheapen/ruined character arc. He had a baby with one of those chicks, and as emotional as him with his daughter is, it makes no sense, it doesn’t change anything. They ruined his character. They made him a caricature of himself, a clown, a bastard with no morale when he had gained them, he was a child all alone, and they ruined 4 seasons of character development.

  • Robin

They called her the “yeti” because after her divorce she said goodbye to everyone and ran around the world to do her job, and she broke contact with the band, they broke this family for the sake of Ted/Robin, she went back to the Robin we had in season one, and she was regretting her life with Ted - which makes absolutely no sense when they had stated over and over again she wasn’t in love with him, and she couldn’t do it, she couldn’t give Ted what he wanted. She disappeared from their lives, coming back here and there, she was a powerful business woman, a successful one, and they reduced her to a cold business woman, who puts her job before her friends, before her love, before the rest, and made her once again the lonely girl living with her dogs, waiting for Ted to get over his wife. We saw her showing no regret of her life with Ted for so many episodes, and in one, we got a come back that made no sense, and the destruction of her character. She is just the woman who left, waiting for her turn to have Ted back, when she had expressed all along she didn’t want him, didn’t and couldn’t do it again.

  • The Mother

Which leads me to the beautiful, beautiful, Tracy, I fell in love like pretty much everyone who watched  the show, she was amazing, adorable, perfect and precious, She was emotional, and she made me cry. She was special, and they spent the whole show building her arrival to them brush her off as a plot device. She’s Robin’s replacement, she’s the uterus who gave Ted the children he wanted and the ones Robin couldn’t give him, she was the woman who gave him the life he had craved, so he could then go back to Robin. They cheapened their own story into making it not How I met your mother, but how I fell in love with your aunt and waiting and bugged her with my love, married your mom and now can I go back to my one true love Robin, it’s disgusting, she’s not the hero of her own story, she’s just an uterus, we didn’t get to see her death, we didn’t get to see her funeral, didn’t get to see emotions to Ted loosing the supposed love of his life. She’s nothing but the plot device, the obstacle and the uterus to Ted and Robin’s beautiful love story. 

  • Ted

He was supposed to be us, the guy looking for true love and believing in fate, the one who would go through so much heartbreaks and get his true love in the end, the mother of his children, the love of his life. But no, Ted himself cheapened the story of the love of his life to get to bang Robin again, the whole story was just to have his children agreeing with him dating their aunt. To hell fate, to hell true love and your mom, let me bang your aunt. It’s horrible and it’s disgusting, the story I’ve been told for years now is just one big joke to get to bang Robin, it’s not the great love story I’ve been promised, it’s just the story of an unsuccessful relationship, a unhealthy one, where Ted was basically stalking Robin, being bring back from the ashes and turn into this twisted endgame finale. It’s horrible, it’s not romantic, it’s bad, it’s awfully bad. Ted is supposed to be the romantic guy, the one who would made us believe that all the heartbreaks in your life are worth it because in the end you get to be happy with your true love. But no, this story was nothing more but something worth Barney’s playbook. Step One: tell the kids about their mom but secretly explain them how you fell for their aunt, Step Two, they will notice and tell you that you’re in love with her and tell you to call her Step Three, find your old trinket and steal it again from the restaurant and go to Robin’s place, Step Four: You don’t need a condom, she can’t have kid and you got your own with the supposed love of your life. Nothing about this is romantic, it’s just horrible writing.

  • Lily/Marshall

There’s not much to say about them, but they were mostly absent, we don’t know what happened to Lily’s career, she became this woman staying at home and getting babies after babies, we don’t know what happens to them really, everything is sacrified for the sake of the Ted/Robin’s romance.

  • The band

It’s probably one of the things that made me the most mad, it’s ridiculous; I got told the story of a band, a family, proving me that it wasn’t all about blood. They destroyed it, for once again the sake of Robin and Ted, ruining everything about this wonderful friendship for an awful ship that had been labelled as not good, not possible. It’s horrible, it’s bad, and everything we believed in is now gone.

I’m even more mad than they used the mother to take a picture of them all. It felt wrong, she was supposed to be a part of the band, a part of this family, because she was the missing piece, but no, she’s out of the picture, she’s relayed to stay behind, out of the shoot, she’s just a plot device.

The finale was horrible, they wanted to give us something funny, and denied the emotional part of the show, when they tried, they gave us non sense, they have us nothing. I want to forget about this show, about this horrible finale, because I didn’t learn anything about love with it.


Nine years of amazing character development to bring us back to season one:

Ted is obsessed with Robin

Robin’s work schedule is insane

Barney’s a whore

Lily and Marshall are compromising their dreams for each other

What mother?

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the real question is why the fucking fuck did we spend an entire season on robin and barney’s wedding and how much they love each other if they were just going to get divorced and never speak to each other again in the finale

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